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Facing Divorce

Custody, visitation, child support, alimony? Divorce comes with a full basket of concerns. Learn about them here. It’s easy for emotions to drive costs in this area, so let us help prioritize.

Protect Your Interests

Learn about principles for dividing what you own without losing the shirt off your back. Community and separate property, house and cars, and even debts are explained.

Represent Yourself

Not everyone needs an attorney, and we recognize that. Rather than try to persuade you to hire us anyway, we want to give you the power to make a smart decision.

Houston Divorce Lawyer Reviews

As a father of young children…

Ryan W.
8 reviews
As a father of young children, I was very nervous about finding an attorney to represent me in my divorce. I’m very grateful to have found Robert Von Dohlen and his wonderful team! Robert represented me with great dedication and professionalism. He is a straight shooter that doesn’t sugar coat anything and you can truly trust in his advice. His calm and sincere attitude really put me at ease through some of the difficult details of my case. In the end, I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Thank you for everything!

Looking out for my children…

5th Grade Reading
1 review
Robert handled a modification to my divorce decree lifting the geographical restriction. I was impressed right away when Robert insisted on talking to me personally during the intake process to ensure that was I was doing was in the best interest of my children. He did not want to take a case that would negatively impact their relationship with their father. Words cannot express my admiration and appreciation for looking out for my children! My case was handled with great professionalism and care. I was kept updated throughout the process and felt 100% supported as he and Laci answered my many questions.

Can’t imagine anyone else handling the beginnings of my new life…

Velda L.
1 review
I had to hire Robert via an online search as opposed to a personal referral. As we concluded our first conversation I had no reservations about my choice. We faced the challenges of an out of state case with patience and mutual respect. I can’t imagine anyone else handling the beginnings of my new life than Mr Robert Von Dohlen an his staff at Von Dohlen law firm.

When I lost all hope, I made a phone call to Mr. Von Dohlen…

Luis C.
2 reviews
Going through a divorce it’s not an easy thing, I have been trying for the past 2 years with no luck I have talked about my case whit different attorneys throughout the course of this 2 years and because of my case, all have turned me down and then one day when I lost all hope I made a phone call to Mr.Von Dohlen office which at the time he was not available and he called me back and talk to me and said your case is an easy case it’s amazing that was difficult for others, for him was not and he walked me through the whole process in a very straight forward and respectful way. He has an amazing team working with him in the background and how can I not say it I would like to give thanks to Donna which was also very helpful and very patient with me thank you Donna. Mr. Von dohlen it’s an amazing attorney and I recommend him to any one out there I respect the man he’s a man of his word, if I ever need anything in the future I know exactly who to contact once again thank you and keep up the good work.

Finalized my divorce issues faster than I anticipated…

Bart K.
1 review
Robert was very attentive to my needs and always available and responsive when I needed him. Finalized my divorce issues faster than I ever anticipated. Couldn’t be more satisfied and grateful.

I knew he was the attorney I wanted to represent me…

Brent C.
1 review
I recently found myself in a situation where I needed a divorce attorney. I have a young child and I need to ensure my interests were protected in this unfortunate event. I contacted Mr. Von Dohlen and explained my concerns. He was very helpful in our initial communication and help guide me through a few next steps even though I did not retain his services immediately. Robert contacted me the following morning to check up on me to see how I was doing. At no point was he soliciting services and was genuine in concern. After another lengthy conversation, I knew he was the attorney I wanted to represent me. Through the entire process, Robert was very responsive and easy to get a hold of when needed. He worked with me and kept me informed (in ways I could understand) through the entire process. I am very appreciative of Robert, as I have a more than successful experience in my case. I would highly recommend Mr. Robert Von Dohlen. My hope is that I will never need his services again; however, should something come up down the road in my situation, he will be my first call.

During a trial of personal adversity, I reached out to Mr. Von Dohlen…

Vanessa C.
1 review
During a trial of personal adversity, I reached out to Mr. Von Dohlen for assistance. His tenacious and wholehearted commitment towards me as an individual was quite cathartic. He explained the entire process step-by-step and was personally available throughout the duration. Selecting Mr. Von Dohlen was, bar none, the best decision I could have made.

Facing a Houston Divorce? Attorney Robert Von Dohlen Can Help

Apply the right strategy to your unique situation. Why react when you can take control? If you want to enjoy an Effortless Divorce, you’ll need to get ahead of inevitable troubles. Think strategically, like we do. Start by picking a path.

Texas Divorce – FAQ

How do I protect my children?

Your kids are your life. They’re your legacy, and they’re totally innocent in this situation. You might be worried that this conflict will jeopardize your relationship with them, but the law gives some real hope. Learn how Texas law protects children and preserves their relationships with parents. >Learn More

Can I become independent without going broke?

Divorce is a tough process of moving from one united couple to two independent people. As empowering as that is, your journey to independence can really be undermined by finances. Learn how your income, assets, and debts will be divided in a way that helps you stand on your own. >Learn More

Couldn’t I do this divorce by myself?

Maybe. Divorce law can be incredibly complicated, but courts and the legislature are working hard to make the system more accessible. If you have a fairly simple case and a willingness to learn, you might be able to handle this divorce yourself. Discover how. >Learn More

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